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Shooting Love

I find weddings both beautiful and daunting to shoot. No matter how many you do, there is always the stress you put yourself under. This applies to be quite a lot to me, as I always want to look beyond the “staged” shots and find those natural ones that really speak of the emotion of the day.

Even when looking at my portrait sessions I feel the same. I spend a lot of time trying to get to know the client so that I can have them feel at ease as much as myself. Because a photographer who is not comfortable is generally not going to be using the creative part of themselves that could mean the difference between “ok” photos and the ones that blow you away.


I think investing the time with your clients, getting to know their goals for the photos you will take, really can pay dividends. Both for the client and the photographer.

So when trying to capture the love shown between two people who are prepared to spend the rest of their lives together, you should spend a little of yours with them. If they relax, the photos benefit and so do you.