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Seeking Inspiration

I am extremely lucky to live in a city like London.

With the vast amount of history, modern developments and diverse cultures it is never hard to find something new to snap a picture of. But finding true inspiration that goes beyond pointing and shooting can be much harder.

Certainly I always feel like I want to continue to develop my vision of how I look at the world through my lens. This can put real pressure on you when you are looking for something new to “one up” your last great photo.

When I go out to do Street Photography during perhaps four to five hours I shoot anywhere from 200-500 pictures on average. This depends on so many factors including available subjects, mood, time of the week and confidence. But perseverance can win through. As can studying others photography.

Even as an experience Street Photographer I can still get nervous when trying to take photos of strangers. As I am drawn to human interaction naturally it can be even more daunting when I try to capture someone else’s intimate moment. But it’s such a great training tool for when you shoot with clients. Your confidence with them will increase and your ability to direct them will seem second nature.

So if you are finding it hard to find inspiration either look at others work to find what you like and don’t. Or just get out in the street and shoot, let the inspiration find you.


Street Photography

So one of my great loves in photography is Street Photography. I love capturing the everyday actions of people. Whether that’s shopping, drinking coffee or anything else that catches my eye.

The real draw for me is that Street Photography isn’t posed. Don’t get me wrong, some posing is necessary. Especially with certain types of portraiture. But nothing makes me sadder than seeing what should have been a great shot posed badly.

Being a Street Photographer can make you fearless when going for that perfect shot. This is especially helpful when shooting weddings photos.

Wedding photography is not for the faint of heart! You sometimes have to battle your way past all the family and friend’s iphones, ipads and other gadgets to get YOUR shot for the Bride and Groom.

I love black and white photos, and rarely like to do colour for Street Photography. Black and white just helps to capture pure emotion when there is so much distraction. Taking colour out of a picture can really change the whole feel of it, as can the ratio of black to white.

If you’re interested in Street Photography there is no better time to start than now! Whether you have a DSLR, Bridge camera or your phone. Just start snapping!

You’ll be surprised what you will capture.