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The Right Clients

One of the best things about photography is when you get a great client who you just (mind the pun) click with. When both your goals are the same and they take your opinions on board it can make the experience a rewarding one for both of you.

Finding the right clients is as important to me as it is for the client to find the right photographer. There needs to be some chemistry between you, a mutual interest in seeing the best possible outcome.


Like most good photographers I want to take the best possible photographs that I can. But I have a style and one that I like to see in my photos. These are generally closer, more intimate shots. I prefer slightly unready poses rather than ridged staged ones. I look for honesty instead of the fake glam that permeates our social media obsessed world.

The perfect photograph for me is one that either shows an unguarded moment of the client or one where we have created a sort of magic that can be hard to describe in words but can certainly be felt my those that look upon the image.

I had the please to shoot with Dominic on Sunday (24/08/16) and it was a great day for us both. Exploring the shores of London’s Thames River and finding unique spots to get his fitness portfolio shots was both challenging and enjoyable for us both. Especially when we found some older docks.

Often with fitness clients, I will ask them to work out if they are wanting “action shots”. That way they get their head into the workout and forget about the camera. The best shots are captured in this way and the client is always happy with the results. Whereas with fitness model clients, I will pose them but the best shots will be when they are posing the least and those tend to be the shots I use.

All in all, I can’t stress enough the importance of looking at your photographer’s previous work to see their style. While a client is paying for a service, a good photographer will see their work as art and so want to show their style and creativity in them. Treat your photographer well and you will have memories to last a lifetime.